Some Updates/Plans of the Future - August 2022 Update

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Work on The Trials of Ashmount's hardcover edition progresses (albeit slowly)... it should (hopefully) be ready to order within a month or so. I've also begun researching potential audiobook options, though I can't say more than that at the moment. Audiobook narrators are expensive and it's unlikely I'll be able to just straight out hire one. I'll post an update regarding this if I ever have any progress to report. 

The first draft of Buzzard's Bowl (book 2 in the Tragedy of Cedain series) is now completed. I am editing it now. 

I'm also working on a short story anthology called Before the End, which is also set in Cedain. This includes stories from characters in the series, new characters, and introductions to characters making an appearance in Buzzard's Bowl. If things go according to my schedule, I'm hoping to release this anthology sometime in the Fall, and Buzzard's Bowl sometime in the Winter. We'll see how it all goes. 

In other news, The Trials of Ashmount has 20+ ratings/reviews on BOTH Amazon and Goodreads, which is spectacular. It seems like more people are reviewing/showing off the book now, which is wonderful. I'm hoping the momentum continues, of course. 

I think that's everything, but I figured I'd post a cohesive update.