SPFBO Results

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Quite a while ago The Trials of Ashmount was eliminated in the SPFBO competition. However, I'm not upset. The review was really good overall (it's linked below) and because of the exposure through SPFBO I've had numerous requests for review copies. These include reviewers from Grimdark Magazine and FanFiAddict, as well as several YouTubers. 

The interest in The Trials of Ashmount has been pretty damn good. In its debut month, we sold over 100 copies! Can't complain with that. There have been a few sales spikes in July thanks to Twitter interaction and I believe we've reached 135 copies sold now, give or take some. Perhaps we've even hit 140. I haven't done the math, but either way, I'm absolutely thrilled. 

Here's the link to the review from Before We Go Blog: 


After months of not writing anything, I have returned to work on the sequel, Buzzard's Bowl. I've just hit 114k words and I'm aiming for the first draft to be around 140k. We shall see what happens there. I'm also hoping to write a few more short stories for an anthology that will, scheduling and finances permitting, also release later this year.