The Trials of Ashmount (Tentative) Release Date and Upcoming Plans

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Quick update about things coming in 2022: 

As of right now, it's looking like The Trials of Ashmount e-book edition will release on June 1st, while the physical versions (both paperback and hardcover) will be releasing a week or two later. Very exciting! 

At the moment I'm currently writing the sequel in the Tragedy of Cedain series - about 110,000 words through the first draft (I'm expecting this draft to reach somewhere around 140,000 words, but it's difficult for me to guess).

I'm also compiling an anthology entitled Before the End which will contain the short stories posted on this website (including the one in the newsletter) along with many others. Some of these stories will introduce new characters in the sequel, others include characters from Trials, and others are exclusive to the anthology. 

Aside from Trials, I'm hoping to get at least one of these books out in the second half of this year. If I'm fortunate enough, I'll get both out there.