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Welcome to my website! I'm so happy to see it finally go live. My blog posts will include major updates about my upcoming work, thoughts about different things, my opinions (and remember - it's just opinions) on writing, and perhaps some reviews of various media (generally related to fantasy). 

It means the world to me that you're even reading this or checking me out. My dream, ever since I was in high school back when the 2000s were new, has always been to write for a living. And here I am, trying to do just that. I didn't think I'd ever have a book available to the public - and my debut novel, the first in the Tragedy of Cedain series, is slated to release in very late May or sometime in June. I can't say yet, because I don't know the dates are going to line up with everything.

Book #1 (of 4): The Trials of Ashmount, is a story I wrote when I quit my job during the Covid pandemic. The basic idea of the magic system is one I came up with when I was young - in high school, I believe. I had a very visual image of magic being tied to one's life - as in your literal age - and this image of somebody doing something awesomely powerful and then aging DECADES (or even dying). I tried writing a story with this, failed, and filed the idea away in my head for the future. And now, the first book is written. 

In regards to the short stories posted on this site, and the free one inside the newsletter, they're all set in the same world of Cedain. Many of the characters in them appear in either The Trials of Ashmount or in the sequel. I hope you enjoy reading them! 

Happy reading and writing,